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Bonnie Garmus has impressed good number of people by her book ‘Lessons in Chemistry’.
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Lessons in Chemistry: A Novel

Writer: Bonnie Garmus

Bonnie Garmus has impressed good number of people by her book ‘Lessons in Chemistry’. Centre character of the novel is Chemist Elizabeth Zott. Elizabeth represents a unique character. She is intelligent, visionary, straightforward, honest, feminist, fighter, survivor, brilliant scientist and also enough brave to fight for her rights and her loved ones against inequality, abuse, and humiliation!

Elizabeth Zott is going to be an important character to a lot of people . . . Absolute chemistry

In 1960, Elizabeth started working at a research institute. The research institute was administrated by male persons those who ignored Zott’s contribution and hard work except Evans. Evan was nominated for Nobel Prize. They became soul mates. They were happy but Elizabeth decided not to marry him as she wanted to become a scientist and she wanted to be familiar for her own contribution only not for her husband’s identity. Then Elizabeth entered into a new life. She became single mother of a sweetest girl named Mad Zott. She also became a TV star. In that TV show she taught women to use chemistry not only in their kitchen but also in their entire life to embrace change and challenges. Her thought about society, marriage and religion was considered exceptional and rebellious. Elizabeth was blazed with a 55-year-old, devoted neighbor named Harriet Sloane and supporting producer, Walter Pine.

When Mad grew up she tried to find out history of her father as she thought that her mother was unhappy. While looking for past history Mad came to know about long-kept secrets. Finally it was a highly enjoyable novel that seamlessly combines the worlds of science, personal growth, and historical fiction.

Print length: 400 pages    Language: English   Publisher: Doubleday     Publication date: April 5, 2022

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